What do ya wanna know?   Hi I'm Taylor, I'm 23. College student studying anthropology, english and political science. Love my family and friends. Like to wave at strangers. I don't bite, they actually tell me I'm nice so ya. Outgoing and shy all in one. Music keeps my world spinning. I love adventures and dream of running away to see the world...Don't be shy. Good or bad I'm pretty much an open book...


my dog is getting scared of the storm so he’s hiding in the cat basket






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trying to argue with someone over text is like being italian and having to talk with handcuffs on

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whenever i forget my headphones at home


The gym oh my gosh yes

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bookaholicsanonymousblog asked: You hate walmart too? I thought I was the only one who hated it so much lol. Hell is only one of my endearing terms for it. I also like to call it devil-mart and voldemart. I never go there if I can help it. I don't even mind paying more for something if it means I don't have to go inside that store. I don't even know why I hate it so much.





Hahahahahaha omg I’m so stealing the term Voldemart, I hope you don’t mind. I hate Walmart too!! Ours is a super-mart and it’s always packed and the people are absolutely nuts. I try to avoid going at all costs. The people are creepy and it’s far, but I’ve been getting my glasses from their since I was seven so I have to go at least once every two years. ::sigh:: 

I’ve heard that they treat their employees like shit. and it doesn’t help that when I went in and asked where the books were, he led me to the office supplies…

Oh this reminds me!! When I was checking out their very limited book selection a girl who was, I don’t know between the age of 12-14, had a mini fangirl attack when she was the new Four book and her mom was just like, “ughhhhh come on”.  She looked at it longingly and I felt so bad. I wanted to be like ” I’ll buy it for you!!!!”

God I HATE Walmart… High Cost of Low Prices watch that shit

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I’m 20, it feels like i’m to old to be in this fandom.. I feel so leftout😔

I’m going to bed…

I’m 23 soooooooo…

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Power outage survival kit #candle #book #thecuckooscalling #nopower #1800living #feelinglikeJaneAusten

Power outage survival kit #candle #book #thecuckooscalling #nopower #1800living #feelinglikeJaneAusten

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#nopower  #thecuckooscalling  #feelinglikejaneausten  #1800living  #book  #candle 
me:*cries over tv show*
me:*loses sleep over tv show*
me:*requires emotional help because of tv show*
me:but it's so good
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70 mph winds gets you this #mothernaturesbitch #bloomfield #michigan

70 mph winds gets you this #mothernaturesbitch #bloomfield #michigan

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