Hi I'm Taylor, I'm 23. Recent college grad with a double major in english, anthropology and a minor in political science...Love my family and friends...Have a tendency to wave at strangers... Outgoing and shy all in one. Music keeps my world spinning. I may be addicted to raspberries & photography. Most importantly I love to laugh...I love adventures and dream of running away to see the world...I don't bite, they actually tell me I'm nice, so ya, don't be shy. Good or bad I'm pretty much an open book...
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    Oahu at its finest \

    Hollahhh at jah home

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    ill take harry styles please

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    Guy proposing at the concert tonight! (via insider)

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    Don’t take too long taking pics of your food at the beach.

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    Every Bloodline Has a Beginning. Dracula Untold: Trailer